Sacrament Meeting Programs

Sacrament Meeting Programs/Bulletins

One of my callings has been as the Ward Bulletin person.  So, here are some of the blanks that I have put together for my ward.  They are in PDF format, and have a blank area at the top of the front for your Ward or Branch name and date.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these images.

Program 1
Christ with lamb on cover, Joshua seek and find on back
Program 2
Christ on front, "My Testimony" on back

Program 3
Christ with sheep on front, Book of Mormon games on back.
Program 4

Program 5
Program 6
Christ on front, Temple word search on back
Program 7
Christ breaking bread on the front, Mystery picture on back.
Program 8
Temple Theme

Program 9
Joseph Smith theme

Program 10
Repentance theme, Sacrament puzzle on back
Program 11
Holy Ghost theme front, John Taylor puzzle back
Program 12
President Hinckley cover, First Vision puzzle on back
Program 13
Book of Mormon Theme
Program 14
Atonement theme
Program 15
Christ Theme on front, Brother of Jared on back.
Program 16
Stripling Warriors front, Old Testament Heroes back.
Program 17
Lehi and Liahona theme

NOTE:  I stopped with the programs above because of an idea I got from the Ensign.  I asked the Primary president if one sharing time could be devoted to the kids creating the covers for the sacrament meeting programs.  Each was given a half-sheet of paper and a pencil, with instructions to draw a picture about any Gospel topic thay wanted.  It could be from the Book of Mormon, the Bible, Church History, etc.  I was able to scan, darken, and save them as clipart.  Now I have GREAT art for the program covers, and the kids love seeing their names on the covers! -CW
NOTE #2:  I put games, etc. on the backs of the programs for the children to do.  I also made sure that most of  the illustrations I used were in b/w outline format, so the kids would also have something to color.  Just a little quirk I have.  If you like the cover, but not the games, simply cut the page in half, and copy the cover.