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Boy and Girl Dolls
These are examples of the completed dolls.

On their shirt/dress is printed:
"My body is special because Heavenly Father made it like His!"

The kids enjoyed making dolls that looked like them!
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Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me Mirror
All  I did for this lesson was to print out the mirrors on pink and blue cardstock, cut out ovals of tin foil and paste it onto the center of each "mirror".  I had a real mirror with me, and told the kids that I had a picture of someone VERY special in my hands.  One by one, the children would come up, and I would show them the very special person - THEM! They were able to decorate the mirrors during coloring time.

Singing Time Fishing Game

More Fish Art
I printed and cut out about 12 of these fish and wrote the name of a song on the back.  I then put a paper clip on the mouth of the fish. Next, I covered the fish on both sides with clear contact paper (laminating makes them too heavy).

I made a pole out of a wooden dowel, twine and a magnet.

Instead of the typical sheet used for a fishing game, I just put the whole game into a gift bag (large) and it folds up great!  All I had to do was open up the bag to make a "lake" and the kids could "fish"!

"Sickie" DOOR SIGN
We hung this sign outside the Nursery rooms to remind parents not to bring their sick children to Nursery.