My Heavenly Father Loves Me

All images Copyright 1997-1998 Christine Wardle.
May be used in conjunction with LDS Church Services and Primary Classes.

Reversible Paddle


Cut the wood or cardboard into a paddle shape.  I used a dinner plate as my guide for the circle on the paddle and for the cards.  Cut 6 circles from the poster board. Punch two holes at the top of one of the poster board cards, and use as a guide for punching holes in the rest of the cards and the paddle.

Place the artwork for the first verse on the front of the cards.  Then, turn over the cards, and place the art on the back for the second verse.

String the ribbon through all layers.

Tie the ribbon, leaving enough slack so you can turn the cards easily.

Flip through the first verse, then all you have to do for the second verse is to turn the paddle around! :)

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