Camp Certification Handouts
This year, our ward is responsible for the Stake Certification of the Young Women.  At camp, we are going to have all of the years doing two certifications during an activity rotation.  We decided to have handouts and crafts for one of the two things the girls were passing off.  Here is what we are doing:

4th Year Girls

After talking about and having the girls demonstrate the different methods of transporting a wounded individual, we are giving the girls a ring with the following four cards hung on it.  The cards fit on a single page when printed, and are cut to 3x5". The ring makes it handy to hook onto a backpack or belt for hiking.

Click on the image to see the WHOLE thing.

1st Year Girls

When we do the knot certification, we are going to have the girls tie their knots using Twizzlers Pull 'n Peel licorice.  (I wish my leaders had thought of THAT one! LOL!) The cards have a place to string a piece of rope through as well as the instructions for the knots and their common uses so the girls can practice on their own (after the candy is gone).

Click on the Image to see the WHOLE thing!

2nd Year Girls

After we talk about how to signal for help, each girl will receive the following card with a square of dayglo orange rip-stop nylon attached to it (stapled to the lower left corner).  Using the flag, the girls can then demonstrate the different signaling techniques.

Click on the image to see the WHOLE thing...

3rd Year Girls

We are going to have paraffin melted and ready to go for the girls to dip their matches in.  We will add crayons to the wax to make (you guessed it) the Value colors.  The matches (short) will be stored in film canisters (you can get a load of them for free from your local photo developer) with a label attached to the side.  Here's the label: